November 27, 2019


chase and gary made me do it

Today I had to be brave. I had to call someone I that I have never met and I don’t know. This person is accomplished and possibly someone who can help me reach my next goal. A friend provided the contact details, and rather than be introduced, I needed to make contact on my own.

As silly as it seems, I had to give myself some encouragement before dialing the number. I had some of the usual self-doubt...what if I’m not: good enough, experienced enough, accomplished enough.

My effort to make the call coincides with the latest Chase Jarvis podcast I listened to - a collaboration with Gary V. In a nutshell it reminded me to "do" instead of talking about doing. To essentially start where I was and take action right then, with whatever preparation I had.

My first step in making that call was texting my friend (who gave me the contact info) that I would do it today - a commitment that I wanted to keep. The next step was to think about what I was ask this person if they were to answer - what did I need to know about laying out the plan to reach the goal. The final step was to make the call.

And I did. I practiced what I was going to say out loud beforehand (while sitting in my car). Then I dialed the number and left the message.

The lesson I learned today was simple - rather than obsess about being "enough" in this situation, I focused on what actions I could take to make the call, the next step in this journey. Now that I’ve done it, I feel nervous and excited - a good place for me.