April 15, 2020

Coffee With COVID #16: Andrew Juiliano

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Mr. coffee

Today we’ll meet Andrew Juiliano, a professional cyclocross racer, freelance writer, and editor. He lives in Santa Barbara, arriving by way of New Jersey. Andrew and I got connected through my work with Shimano. We’re both looking forward to summer and the release of a project we collaborated on over the winter.

With the Coronavirus making life uncertain and challenging, Andrew is taking everything in stride. He’s grateful for being healthy and the time to go out on really long early-season training rides.

Andrew is an equality opportunity coffee drinker. He starts his day with a pot from Mr. Coffee, eventually moving on to a midday Americano from a Bialetti Moka. Occasionally, he might indulge in something special from Dunkin’ Donuts. I found Andrew’s coffee habits inspiring— snobbery be damned — just get the GO juice in the drink hole and keep creating!

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