April 17, 2020

Coffee With COVID #18: Nico Chirinos

podcast, adventure

Pachamama (Mother Earth) Takes a Breath

Today we take a trip to the South American country of Peru to talk with my guide friend, Nico Chirinos. I met Nico, and his brother Chente last October while shooting for a Big Mountain Bike Adventures trip. They call it the Unforgettable Andres for a reason. Besides Morocco, Peru is one of the most memorable places that I’ve traveled with a mountain bike. The trails, culture and food are off the hook.

In this episode, you’ll come to know Nico's love for the nature and culture in his country, something I witnessed first-hand last fall. He is also passionate about mountain biking, especially the opportunities that Peru provides. Although tourism is shut down for the moment - Nico is eternally optimistic. He and his brother, along with the rest of their local crew are taking this time to be patient, stay healthy, and have the ultimate respect for Pachamama as she takes a big deep breath.

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