March 25, 2020

Coffee With COVID #2: Beth Roberts

aeropress + dark humor

Beth Roberts is a good friend and one of my go-to purveyors of talent when it comes to taking photos for mountain bike brands. She lives in Moab, Utah and is a multi-day guide for Rim Tours. I met Beth a couple of years ago while shooting for Rim’s Grand Canyon - North Rim Trip. I discovered she’s cool as a cucumber and her dark humor kept my sides hurting for much of the trip. She also has innovative ideas for photos and makes a mean cup of coffee from Rim Tour’s signature American Press. Enjoy this episode with Beth! 

selected links:

  • Rim Tours - Guided day and multi-day mountain bike tours
  • Aeropress - Beth's go-to coffee making implement
  • End Times Fun - Netflix Special with Marc Maron