April 22, 2020

Coffee With COVID #21: Sylvie Allen

adventure, business, podcast

Don't worry - there's still TP in BC!

I’m glad to report that there’s still toilet paper in British Columbia. This news comes from my friend and very adventurous Mountain bike skills coach Sylvie Allen. I’ve known her since 2015 when I traveled north to the Sea to Sky Corridor to shoot a Big Mountain Bike Bike Adventures trip. As some of you know, the terrain there can be quite intimidating for first-timers - especially the steep slabs. Sylvie taught me a few tricks that made the trip turn out well, skills that have served me well ever since.

Sylvie is embracing the downtime by keeping fit and doing things that she hasn't been able to put energy towards in the past. Among other things, she has started a YouTube channel called Sweet Skills - Tips and Tweaks. Jump into this episode to find out more and then hit up the selected links to see for yourself. 

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