May 21, 2020

I Never Leave Home Without: Essential Travel Gear

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“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”

And a passport, money, and some other things.

Like most frequent travelers, I’ve developed a collection of items that keeps me healthy, happy, and ready and willing to adventure wherever. No matter the project, or where I might be in the world, it is almost guaranteed that you will find most things listed below tucked away in my duffle bag.


  • Earplugs
  • Earbuds and/or Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Notebook//Journal//Pen
  • Book - Personal Development and/or Adventure
  • Portable Battery Pack
  • Phone Charging: cable and block
  • Sunglasses//Hat/Scarf (who never know when you might need a disguise)
  • Lightweight Insulated Jacket
  • Thigh-high Compression Stockings
  • Hydration Tablets/Mix
  • Snacks
  • Water Bottle (or use your coffee drinking vessel)
  • Passport
  • Credit Card//Cash// A Card for Getting Local Cash
  • Phone


  • Beans
  • Human-Powered Grinder
  • A Scheme for Heating Water (MSR pocket stove, fuel, and kettle | portable kettle | guarantee of hot water w/ lodging)
  • Brewing Thing: Aeropress, Pour-Over, Moka Pot
  • Drinking Vessel - Put the GO juice in the drink hole!


  • Camera Body - (me = Sony Alpha a7riii)
  • Lenses - 16-35mm 4.0 or 24-70mm 4.0 + 70-200mm + 35mm 2.8
  • Peak Design Strap
  • Peak Design Clip
  • Pelican Card Case
  • SanDisk SD cards
  • Camera Bag - depends on the type of trip
  • Gnar Box - portable hard-drive for backups
  • Lens Cloth and Blower
  • Photo Apps (PhotoPils App, Imaging Edge Mobile (for Sony, Lightroom Mobile, Gnarbox)


  • Evernote
  • Airline (mostly United and Southwest for me)
  • Spotify
  • Audible
  • Hotel Apps (Airbnb,
  • YR - detailed weather app from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • RideWithGPS - track and plan mountain bike rides and other adventures

want help packing?

Links to a series of Evernote checklists to help you get organized and packed for your travels.