How to Find Me

I spend a good deal of time on the road, shooting both personal and assignment work. However, as long as I have service, we can be in touch. Hit me up!

I am available to work worldwide. The best number to reach me at is (970)631-4564

“Working with Leslie is like having the most amazing PB&J. The jelly being fun and the peanut butter being professional.”

A Photographer with a Wild Heart - My Story

My journey as a photographer began 35 years ago in elementary school. Through some non-traditional classes, I found photography. Ironically, I was afraid of the dark back then, so one could imagine my nervousness when it came time to developing photos in the pitch-blackness of a converted utility closet. Looking back, it was a small obstacle in finding the “thing" that has been my greatest contribution the world.

My adventurous spirit combined with my wonder and curiosity about the world has taken me to all seven continents. I often document my experiences from the seat of a bicycle, my vehicle to see and tell stories about landscapes and cultures across the globe. The results have been extraordinarily fulfilling and each experience has broadened my openness to learn more about the people and places I encounter. 

I am motivated to partner with projects and brands that connect people with wild landscapes, vibrant cultures, and active lifestyles. I aim to break down the perceived barriers of adventure travel to inspire people who want to get out and see the world.