April 9, 2020

Coffee with COVID #12: Koel Thomae

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A vehicle for whipped cream

Today we welcome my good friend Koel Thomae to the podcast. She’s an entrepreneur and an adventurous traveler. In fact, we had the chance to travel together a few times last year, something we’re both really grateful for now. Koel tells a few stories fun about coffee, including a visit to the La Marzocco factory in Florence, Italy, and memories of her stepmother serving Viennese coffee during her youth. She considers herself a social coffee drinker and admits that coffee is really just her vehicle for enjoying whipped cream.

Koel is one of my most energetic and adaptable friends - two things she’s relying on during this time of the Coronavirus. In addition to quickly getting up to speed as a homeschool parent-teacher, she’s keeping up with activities and routines that have always made her happy. As she recalls the action-packed days when she was starting and running her business, Noosa Yoghurt, Koel emphasizes the importance of making time for exercise to stay healthy and sane.

Finally - we have a very special guest to open the show. Koel’s daughter Matilda, gives us her take on coffee and caffeine. Thanks Matilda!

Enjoy this episode! 

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