April 21, 2020

Coffee With COVID #20: Jaime Hill

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Chocolate for breakfast

Jaime Hill is an entrepreneur who works on two ends of the spectrum. She’s an accountant and a mountain bike coach, satisfying both the analytical and athlete sides of her persona. I met Jaime in 2015 in Whistler, and thankfully we’ve had the chance to connect on some big adventures since then. We’ve also had coffee together in some far-flung places. At home, Jaime starts her day with fancy coffee, a customized drink that starts with chocolate and finishes with whipped cream.

Let’s jump into this episode - Jaime walks us through the process of her morning mocha and also gives us a breakdown on what’s been challenging for her during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

selected links

  • Hilltop MTB - Jaime’s mountain bike coaching business, specializing in getting more girls and young women on bikes
  • TransCascadia 2016 - That time Jaime and I serendipitously collaborated on a story about her racing the 2016 edition of the backcountry enduro event 
  • Muss Café - a pretty freakin’ good mocha in Oaxaca, Mexico