April 14, 2020

Coffee with COVID #15: Kyle Sparks

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I’m excited to start the week off with my colleague Kyle Sparks. He’s a photo editor for Patagonia - working on the climb, mountain bike, and equipment categories. Kyle and I have worked together in the last few years since I started contributing to Patagonia. We got to spend some time in person together this February. It was cool to meet in person…we rode bikes and ate tacos together - in hindsight I’m thankful for the time considering the current situation.

Kyle gives us a lot of good nuggets in this episode, including what he misses about work (looking at printed photos), as well as some details about his passion for hot chocolate. One fun story, in particular, is the time he ordered an affogato. Normally this drink comes with coffee, so as one could imagine, it threw the barista for a loop.


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  • The definition of an affogato - Kyle likes his with hot chocolate
  • A damn good ride I did in February with Kyle and others in Santa Barbara