April 16, 2020

Coffee With COVID #17: Lani Bruntz

coffee = joy

I’m excited to introduce my good friend Lani Bruntz in today’s episode. I know her through my work with IMBA and the trail care crew. One thing we really bonded over was seeking out adventurous things. We’ve teamed to work and travel together to some captivating places like Caliente, Nevada and the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. When she isn’t riding her bike, Lani is probably searching for deep powder somewhere near Crested Butte in her role as a guide for Eleven Experience.

Today Lani tells us about the joy of coffee. It’s part of her morning ritual and something that she rarely goes anywhere without. Even when she's scaling peaks and out for days on end, you can be assured that Lani has some kind of coffee set-up with her.

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