April 23, 2020

Coffee With COVID 22: Kelli Sherbinin

90% towards the solution

Canada week continues with my good friend Kelli Sherbinin. She is co-owner of Endless Biking, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I met Kelli for the first time two years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal - we were teamed up with Elladee Brown and Jaime Hill and had one of the biggest adventures of our lives. Aside from sharing the experience of riding mountain bikes over the biggest navigable pass in the world, we bonded over coffee, something we got to make every morning together with the Aeropress coffee machines that Elladee and I carried on our bikes.

Kelli has some sage advice for dealing with the Coronavirus. Like other things in life, she approaches a lot of her challenges with this equation - focus 10% on the problem and 90% on the solution.

Enjoy this episode!

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