April 1, 2020

coffee with covid #7: elladee brown

coffee, podcast

wide eyes, big hearts, and plenty of good coffee

I’m super excited about today’s episode with my very dear friend Elladee Brown. We share a love of coffee and adventure, among other things. In the last couple of years, we’ve traveled a lot together, documenting bike-related stories around the world. No matter where we go, our approach is simple: go with wide eyes, big hearts, and plenty of good coffee. During our bikepacking adventure to Nepal, we each carried an Aero Press and plenty of fresh coffee for the 10-day odyssey.

These days Elladee’s big adventure is gardening in her backyard in North Vancouver, British Columbia while she, and the rest of the world, wait out the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Enjoy this episode with Elladee!

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