May 29, 2020

Coffee With People #29: Trina Ortega

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It’s All Unicorns and Lattes

Today I’m stoked to welcome my friend and fellow (native) Coloradan Trina Ortega. She and I met a few years back on a bike industry media trip and have worked together on and off since. As editor-in-chief of Mountain Flyer Magazine, Trina was in the midst of a deadline when the Coronavirus hit. During this episode, she gives us a sense of what life has been like working full-time, home-schooling her son, and how her community of Carbondale has rallied together. Trina’s kind spirit really shines through, especially when she reminds us that we shouldn’t let fear guide us through this uncertain time.

Most importantly, Trina shares her passion for properly made lattes. You’ll find out that the right type of mug and carefully crafted foam are important aspects of her daily drink. 

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