June 6, 2020

Coffee With People #30: Tina Ooley

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love coffee. love people.

Today I’m excited to share my conversation with Tina Ooley, mountain bike coach, and advocate for underserved youth. A recent transplant to Fruita, Colorado, Tina is originally from the East Coast. She is the Mesa County Program Manager for The Cycle Effect, a non-profit dedicated to creating equitable access through the sport of mountain biking for Latina girls, an underserved community can benefit from the joys of mountain biking and mentorship.

Tina's enormous love of coffee started at a young age and has never waned. Before she was a coach, she worked at Durango Joe's, a place where deep into coffee, learning about the culture, and the connection between the roaster and the origin. She loved how it is a collaboration and more than just putting a cup of coffee in front of someone. It’s about honoring the process, the roots of where the beans come from, and people who are behind the scenes that we don’t always think about. 

In a very thoughtful and inspirational way, Tina also shares her challenges of running a coaching business during the Coronavirus pandemic and how she has drawn from her inner strength to practice life with more acceptance in a time when things are beyond our control. "Every stop that we come to in our life is a place to practice. To practice adapting and living in the moment.” 

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