April 3, 2020

Coffee with COVID #9: Danielle Schmieder

Early mornings mean coffee for breakfast

I had a chance to catch up with my Denver-based friend and colleague Danielle Schmeider a week ago. I got to know her early last year through a Root Adventures trip to the Baja in Mexico. We found that we have a common passion for fitness and good health. Since that adventure, Danielle has been a major inspiration for my training. I’ve become a convert to strength/cardio workouts, showing up regularly at Pearl Street Fitness, one of the gyms where she is an instructor.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit close to home for Danielle, as her parents both battled the virus last month. I am grateful to report that both of Danielle’s parents are ok now and doing well. She graciously shares the story in today's episode, walking us through the timeline and details of her parents experience with COVID. 

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