June 15, 2020

Coffee With People #31: Megan Duehring

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Coffee Rides

Today you’re going to meet Megan Duehring. She loves coffee almost as much as she likes riding bikes. Megan’s passion for bicycles is also her profession, something she feels lucky to be doing every day. As the manager of the Steps e-bike Program for Shimano North America, Megan also coordinates advocacy and access projects with PeopleForBikes.

Staying at home during the COVID pandemic has amped up Megan’s coffee routine. Without having to rush out the door to work, she has more time to dedicate herself to a French Press made with delicious beans. Megan's first exposure to good coffee was while working at a French bakery during college. These days, her favorite memories are from coffee rides - days out on the bike with friends that include breaks for coffee and socializing.

Due to some technical difficulties, our conversation was cut short. Read below for the rest of the interview and Megan’s perspective on what new habit she has developed during COVID. She also shares what she looks forward to when we settle into a “new normal”.

Enjoy this short, but very sweet episode with Megan!

What habit or philosophy have you developed during the Coronavirus and how will you add to your “new normal”?

This is probably my favorite question so far. I’ve realized with so much time in confinement I have to make sure to breathe and not allow myself to get overwhelmed. Life will go on no matter what so it’s silly to allow yourself to be too stressed out. Working yourself up over things is really just bad for your health and the health of those around you, so breathe and take a minute when you need it. 

What are you looking forward to when we get to the “new normal”?

I think I may have touched on this question a bit during our chat, but I’m really looking forward to being around others and being able to hug my friends and family. It’s something I never realized we are so lucky to be able to do without a second thought. I’m also looking forward to seeing the way people have grown. A lot is happening in the world right now and I hope people have taken this time of solitude to educate themselves and prepare for a better “normal”.

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